Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More Host Family Information

As I said before, they are a family of three. They live in Pont-a-Celles, a small village about 30 minutes away from Brussels (where my host mom, Christine works). Christine says that her family plans to make several trips to France while I'm there, as her husband's family still lives there and his parents live in the Paris suburbs. They also have family in the Loire Valley, located in central France, and a family country house in Lorraine (a region of France) near the German border. She has put quite an emphasis on travel outside of Belgium, which I love! If finance permits, they would also like to explore Germany, The Netherlands and the UK. I already feel so blessed and fortunate to have this host family.

Additionally, she also said that my school has experience with AFS students and are very flexible, which sounds promising. I will attend registration with her to determine my schedule.

From what I've gathered from her facebook, she enjoys great music (we both like Absynthe Minded, a Belgian band), has a beautiful daughter, and a beautiful backyard with a garden and a pool! This excites me to no end.

I know that Christine speaks GREAT English, and my host father says that he doesn't speak English, but can understand it well. With that said, it is crunch time. I need to start practicing French pronto. Anyone have any effective methods? A particular program? Wish me luck.

Can't wait to hear about everyone else's host family!
A bientôt!


  1. Your family sounds so cool! I'm dying to get information about mine.
    And if you want, we should pick up our french inbox again! And maybe add in the other french belgium people, if they're interested. I've barely practiced my french and I really need to start working on it too!

  2. Oh my god! I'm so sorry, I totally forgot about that! I completely agree. Let's do it.

  3. It's fine! I've been crazy busy so it slipped my mind too, but I'll post in it again today!